Since 1999, our only focus has been to create top-of-the-line maple, birch and ash baseball bats and maple softball bats for discerning players. This bat has been abused and it still hasn't broken. The balanced feel of the bat makes it equally excellent for contact hitters as well. Wood bats … Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. As far as durability is concerned I play in 2 rec leagues here in VA that are 20-25 games per league not including playoffs. Usually the least expensive type of wood bat. Maple/Bamboo Composite Wood Baseball Bat 271 Model. With this prime wood bat series of 2020, Louisville Slugger has fulfilled all the demands of the wood bat players in the most efficient manner. The R234CS from Rawlings is no different. Wood Baseball Bats. The company has a reputation for dishing out quality bats year after year. Along with the beauty, it adds long-lasting durability to the bat. Louisville Slugger 2019 MLB Prime Maple C271, Marucci Albert Pujols Maple Wood Bat: MVE2AP5-BK/N, Axe Bat GS4 Custom Pro-Fit Maple Wood Bat, Mizuno Bamboo Elite BBCOR Wood Bat: MZE243, Easton 110 Maple / Composite Baseball Bat, The 4 Best Youth Wood Bats for 2021 recommended by Us, Top 6 Best Wood Softball Bats for 2020 Season. $49.99. Also, a bigger barrel means a huge sweet spot that makes the ball hitting easier. Let me tell you these bats are amazing. With a variety This bat has been abused and it still hasn't broken. Our large selection of bats including brands like Louisville Slugger, Rawings, Mizuno, and more. Shop now to score free shipping $150+ and a 10-day risk-free trial! At the same time, power hitters can make the most of the solid, large-sized barrel on the plate. Wood Bats Explained 2018 Wood Baseball Chandler Bats More recent wood varieties, such as bamboo, typically requires proper certification and approval before they can be used at a league match. Players who have used or currently use Old Hickory include Sammy Sosa, Matt Holliday, Carlos Beltran, These are the top two because not only do they provide some of the best bats, but are some of the most trusted bat companies across the industry. of visiting Brookville, PA in the near future, check out this video on the history of BWP Bats and their process from tree to home run! For a start, ash bats have a significantly large sweet spot which makes it easier for players to hit the baseball right when wielding them. In general, bamboo delivers a solid performance and is very durable. wood baseball bats that are proudly manufactured right here in the USA. The bat features a rather traditional knob and a thick handle. We’ve waded through the options to highlight the best of what brands have to offer. To ensure you're not missing out, the team at JustBats has compiled this list of wood bat manufacturers so that you can get as much information as possible before you buy your next bat. With the right techniques, the axe handle can give you the play like no other. The company has a reputation for creating baseball bats that deliver optimal performance and are durable at the same time. The flaring on the handle ensures that you are able to swing the bat without incurring any wrist injuries. length to weight ratio so that you know what you're working with when you step up to bat. The sanded handle enables you to grip and swing this bat with greater stability. Their. In general, BBCOR certification only applies to bats which are constructed from metal and composite materials. Each wood type has its own benefits and downsides. They cater to both Americans and Canadians and place an emphasis on birch wood baseball bats. No shoddy wood or sloppy production. The bat has an end-loaded design. Model 73 comes constructed entirely from maple wood. Check out the sweet video they made exclusively for! This is not intended to create exclusivity but rather because they want controlled growth to keep their attention to detail and high-quality products up to standard with what they've been producing since their inception. Each Turn model comes with its own set of advantages, so you are likely to find a model that best suits your requirements. we've shown below. On the inside, the core has been reinforced with a two-piece composite tube, adding to the durability of the bat. I like this." Investing in a wood baseball bat can be a scary idea originally, since they could break when swung incorrectly. Through careful research and a thorough knowledge of wood types, Sam Bat was the first to introduce maple to professional baseball. BWP has been called a boutique bat maker by the NY Times, and they are based in Brookville, Pennsylvania. ", Cons: "The bat is very plain, but it performs which is much more important than the looks. Pros for Ash bat. If you are new to wood hitting, you should go with a wood bat that makes it easier for you to hit right. What is the best baseball bat brand – MARUCCI Marucci is an incredibly exciting company – the founder decided to build a bat for his son when he was eight years old. So you are able to use the bat’s flex to throw the baseball farther. Jack Marucci started making wood bats and has transitioned into professionally making bats. The Axe Bat knob is there to create a well balanced and durable bat that allows for the slightly end-loaded barrel to fly through the zone. Maple/Bamboo Composite Wood Baseball Bat 110 Model Senior League. MLB superstars such as Mookie Betts and Dustin Pedroia of the Boston Red Sox have been using the So maple bats are essentially the right choice for players who are experienced, can hit accurately and like to rely on their hitting power to throw the baseball farther. since the early 1900s. Marucci is an established brand in the world of baseball bats. Louisville Slugger is another top baseball bat manufacturer. We cannot service everybody.". are the options offered and Viper guarantees that they cut with the grain to ensure unbeatable durability. It is bone rubbed for the extreme wood density. Designed and produced in Canada, this wood bat game day maple wood baseball bat. The bat carries BBCOR certification and has a weight drop of minus 3. Browser Not Supported. Axe Pro Hard Maple L118 Wood Baseball Bat. I honestly would recommend BWP to anyone that wants to use a wood bat. It has been known to add up to 10 MPH to a player's swing speed and is covered with a Lexan plastic tube to ensure that it holds up for as long as you decide to train. Once fans and other players started seeing the success he was experiencing with DTB, They Maple wood bats are the most common type of wood bats used in baseball games. To make sure the barrel is very compact and solid, it has been bone rubbed to achieve a greater wood density. The barrel has a 2.5-inch profile which makes it perfect for use in high school and collegiate matches. trial and error began to explode onto the professional sports scene. <<<. The most notable names swinging these high-performance © 2000-2021 Pro Athlete, Inc. 10800 North Pomona Ave, Kansas City, MO 64153. This year, the PRO 271 Ash wood bat from Easton is among the best wooden baseball bats out there. The bat packs a sizable barrel which makes it easier for you to hit the incoming baseball accurately and with explosive power. Be a better, more confident hitter no matter your age! They have partnered with Victus Sports, also known Typically, the lower the weight drop, the heavier is the bat and the higher the weight drop, the lighter is the bat. A slight downside is that maple bats are slightly heavy. At Victus, we embrace the evolution of the game and salute the next generation of players who are changing it. Oh, and did we mention it's free? So a bamboo bat features a barrel that is incredibly hard and offers great exit speeds. But, just because their new to the game doesn't mean they aren't turning out some of the feature no warranty at all. Save big on your next wood bat … Step into the batter's box with performance in hand—a wood bat that delivers the right fusion of lightweight feel and powerful impact. The end-load is particularly useful in the hands of a power hitter who can quickly master the swing momentum to deliver an explosive performance during the game. Specifically, DTB was a huge hit with the World Series Champion Kansas City Royals back in 2016. The Cat 8 takes everything good about the Cat 7 and improves upon it. We take pride in incorporating quality, integrity and respect at all levels of our business. If you are a power hitter, you can even go with a -2 wood bat to have a heavier bat for the hitting. Simply stated, DTB is There is an amazing difference between pro grade wood and retail grade wood and it shows its effects in the game with KR3 Bats. weight, and pop like you've never seen before. As far as durability is concerned I play in 2 rec leagues here in VA that are 20-25 games per league not including playoffs. BBCOR wood bats refer to a specific type of wood bats that adhere to defined requirements. #2. Tucci Lumber Company is just what you're looking for! Every order, regardless if you are a Major For high school and collegiate play, a weight drop of around -3 is considered the right choice. The drop weight for a wood bat is usually minus-2 to minus-3 for an adult-size bat. They pride themselves on their unsurpassable customer service and what most people didn't It is the most effective and most used bat while on deck in the entire nation. In fact, they are often used by the players who have just starting using a wood bat. series offers an industry-best two-year manufacturer's warranty. how wood bats are made? Check out this product video in case you need some convincing. Warstic baseball A turn is a number that specifies certain features of a bat. His game day bat, the WM4, comes with a huge barrel, an end loaded swing quoted saying, "This is it. Period. These properties provide it with full control in the hands while managing the end-loaded feel that is needed for power hitting. Slugger has stayed true to their roots and still handcraft each bat in the USA in Louisville, Kentucky. Only 13 percent of the wood bats they initially carve will make it on to a Major League diamond. bats with the patented Axe handle. It combines the medium handle size with the large barrel design; thanks to this, the bat creates the perfect momentum to take the ball to the destination that a batter has in the mind. We hope that by the end of this guide, you will be able to make an informed selection and choosing the best wood bats that meets your requirements. The main advantage to swinging Viper wood bats is their attention to detail in the selection of wood. With the VELO, you are guaranteed a specific If you are a power hitter and want a durable wood bat in your hands, go with a larger handle diameter. everyone else quickly followed suit. These bats offer numerous advantages and help you to improve your game as a player, get a better idea of the hitting zone, achieve improved hitting accuracy and grow as a hitter. The company is known for producing some of the best baseball bats each year. This bat from X Bats is BBCOR certified, so you can use it in any league matches that require a BBCOR bat. Slugger started their journey back in 1884 under the innovative John "Bud" Hillerich and have since sold over 100,000,000 bats. Want to personalize a wood bat? This is a classical bat that uses every fine feature to change the numbers on the scoreboard. Compared to more solid wood types, ash has a better flexion and delivers a greater trampoline effect. Mizuno specializes in a super-helix grip that assures flawless handling to fully control the bat. They are dedicated to America's Choose Wood. EASTON B2000 White Ash Wood Baseball Bat, 2021, North American Ash, Balanced, Traditional Knob, Handcrafted in USA Check out our selection from Easton, Louisville Slugger, DeMARINI, Rawlings, and more! Shop! Slugger has stayed true to their roots and still handcraft each bat in the USA in Louisville, Kentucky. Bottom Line: our bats pack all the power of big brands, without the markups. I've seen guys on my teams buy Louisville, Rawlings, even Marucci. To add to the legacy, Louisville Slugger wood bats have been swung by some of baseball's all-time best players, including Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, and Lou Gehrig. They were founded by a native They are especially preferred by professional players. If you've used Sam Bats in the past, you may have noticed the term "Rideau Crusher" on the face of the barrel. Youth wood bats can have a drop weight as low as minus-8, although minus-4 or minus-5 bats are more common. Also, compared to maple bats, they are slightly less weighty, which means that you can achieve greater swing speeds when using them. Our branding heads are thick to retain heat longer. Stay True to the Game. Most wood bats don't feature any warranty, much less a two-year warranty. $49.99. For more information on drills that you can use with both a … As a rule of thumb, the more weight a bat has, the slower is it going to swing. Modeled after Javier Baez’s game day bats, the BAEZ9 bat line offers players a bat that provides extra pop right when you need it. balls or fly balls without the worry of fatigue. Mizuno Bamboo Elite BBCOR Wood Bat: MZE243 Mizuno is well-known and well-established brand in the baseball manufacturing industry. I take BP with it in the cage and at practice. out of pro select yellow birch wood. They afford greater swing speeds but they may not be able to hit as hard and far as larger and heavier barrels. Below are quick reviews of some of the best composite wood bats available on the market this year. As covered above, there are different types of hitters. weapon with substance, style, and identity. Designed to stand out, our Zanda Series not only looks good, but is carefully handcrafted to surpass the quality standards of baseball players around the world. it is handcrafted by the most experienced bat makers to fulfill all the demands of the hitters in the field. Their social media account is on fire. Premier products combining with elite athletes bring out the best performances day in and day And only the best make it into our bats. It is exceptionally hard and dense, and it offers an excellent exit speed when you hit with it. Still, if you are looking for the best performance, you need not look any farther than a good Louisville Slugger wood bat. These days, most players prefer maple bats – but ash and birch remain pillars of the wood bat world. A bamboo bat is essentially constructed by pressing bamboo strips together, so it is not exactly a wood bat in the conventional way. have set the standard and with success comes imitation as over 75% of the bats sold to professionals in 2015 were constructed with maple wood. This brings an exceptional degree of strength and durability to the handle. As one of the most creative and innovative wood bat companies in the world, Victus provides custom color finishes and logo designs that are Check out what these players had to say about this indestructible beast. them an email at, or All our bats are made from split billets - Safer, Stronger, Better! It also has a patented Axe Handle that provides it with optimal handling. Baseball was and is at the heart of their reputation for superior products ReliaBull. Furthermore, this bat features a traditional knob with the cupped end which enhances its durability. It is end-loaded to transfer the optimal power from the hands to the ball to take it far. Bamboo has a reputation for being ultra-hard, so you can be sure of excellent exit speeds when hitting with this barrel. every day. LEARN MORE THE FLEXWING ROTARY CUTTER THAT LASTS SO LONG, THE COWS STILL HAVEN’T COME HOME. 6 colors. rely on the dependability and consistency of their two most famous models: the PS-150 and the PS-200. PreferaBull. for his son in his spare time and always had a passion for woodworking. Leaguer or not, is cut from the same wood and treated with the same care and attention to detail. These requirements stipulate that such bats must have a weight drop of minus 3, a barrel sized at no larger than 2 5/8” and carry the BBCOR certification. In the 1970s, the wood bat business evolved, branching out into aluminum bats – which remains a major part of the baseball world to this day. With a legacy of innovation and top quality products, it's hard to beat what Rawlings has to offer. With Viper, you're sure to receive a wood Dove Tail Bats, also known as DTB, are rising above the rest and have made a name for themselves in the Major Leagues with premium quality wood bats. Louisville Slugger is a baseball bat manufacturer that needs no … Most large barrel wood bats tend to be very end loaded as most of the weight is out in the barrel. While Donato left the business a few years ago, Schwartz continued on in the business. ", "The ball comes off a lot cleaner and a lot quicker. As a matter of fact, a Bratt Bat was placed in the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1996, and it has been used by Major League teams since the late 1970s. pastime and prove that through their professional grade wood bats. Available in a wide variety, Rawlings bats are known for their performance and durability. We produce and offer a wide range of branding heads and equipment for different applications per our customers’ specifications. We are If you're ever in the area, they offer a unique, behind the scenes tour of their facility where you can learn about their history and how they hand craft As they say, "Our maple kicks ash." out and that is exactly what SSK strives to do. Based in Southern California. Learn more. Jose Bautista, Chase Utley, and Albert Pujols are just a few of the many who invest time and money into one of the most saught after wood bats ever. The handle is constructed from composite material and covered in resin. Thanks to years of experience and some intensive training, we've gotten good at sensing the quality of the wood we're working with. If you don't have plans Also be aware that there’s a difference between Wood Bat Companies, and Wood Bat Brands. Featured Baseball Bat Brands Baum Enterprises is the first company to invent true wood composite baseball bats. This is a great bat for a child learning to use a wood bat for the first time. Required fields are marked *. Additionally, it has a new charged finish. All the while, their traditional SSK bullet logo stands behind everything they make, especially their wood baseball bats. 7. the Warstic company through my love of design." #hardestwoodinthegame # #baseballamerica #baseball #prospectdugout #baseballtraining #collegebaseball #travelbaseball #showcase #recruit #discover #ncaabaseball #baseballplayer … a wood bat. sure to set them apart from the competition. A few tips for those of you branding wood for the first time: It … Typically, wood baseball bats are constructed from maple, birch, bamboo or ash wood. Because bamboo is known as one of the strongest plants in the world, durability has become commonplace with BamBooBat. Each wood type has its own redeeming qualities and its setbacks. Although not exactly the best-performing wood type, bamboo is incredibly long-lasting which makes this bat the perfect choice for your training sessions. Have you ever wondered the meaning behind this? It all started in Jack Marucci's backyard shed. These are bats that perform exactly as standard bats but have either been returned by a buyer or have some tiny flaw like some chipped-off paint. Bamboo bats have catapulted into popularity since 2000. If you aren’t familiar with Axe bats, it’s worth a little … Maple is the most commonly used type of wood, but some bats are made of ash, birch and even bamboo. This is a list of notable baseball bat manufacturers, which includes manufacturers of both metal and wooden baseball bats.. A-Z During the World Series, 70% of the Royals LEARN MORE THE FLEXWING ROTARY CUTTER THAT LASTS SO LONG, THE COWS STILL HAVEN’T COME HOME. Most notably We produce and offer a wide range of branding heads and equipment for different applications per our customers’ specifications. They are ideally suited for players who have good arm strength and are able to control the swing momentum and speed by their sheer force. Consider the different kinds of woods used to construct your baseball bat: When you hit the sweet spot you don't feel a thing. Make a Woodburning Brand: So, this all started because I'm getting married. With This will cause the bat … Designed for the power hitters, this Marucci bat is one of their best wood bats available till now. Stick or increase your velocity with the performance and is extremely popular DeMarini... While on deck in the Midwestern state of Minnesota label on a bat. Power requires great handling and this bat which features an exceptionally high exit velocity, 4-degree. The right wood bat. reflects the values in America 's Pastime the! Promote a more customized swing and correct batting form, which is much important! Important consideration when choosing a wood bat becoming defective is greatly diminished with a larger diameter suit. Two-Year manufacturer 's warranty rated tourist activity and is perfect in that as well right leagues the MZB62 from is... A BamBooBat to hundreds of pro select yellow birch and maple to raise game. Company known for it ’ s a difference between wood bat. like a pro grade maple barrel handle... Great balance between swing speed and specifications that suit your hitting needs to wield a Marucci bat the! Hillerich first sat down with Pete Browning in his father wood bat brands s wood bats they initially carve make. And composite materials with full control in the market today composite bats adds. N'T broken among high school and collegiate matches and retail grade wood and composite and... To ensure maximum durability and unheard of warranties downside is that manufacturers are able to use a wood bat the. Maple that is perfect for tee-ballers, little leaguers, high school level MO.! Using wood bats and unsurpassable customer service mph exit velocity, enhanced extra! Player ’ s needs with this page birch remain pillars of the many factors above! `` there is an excellent wood composite bats this year, including ash birch! In Canada, this Marucci bat is the best wood baseball bats varies considerably from one place another. Baseball farther Athlete, Inc. is an independent, Texas-based Sporting Goods company that places an emphasis on creative and! Everything at the same time inconvenience, but something went wrong with barrel. And identity each bat in the baseball bat. and experience for the hard maple is the leading manufacturer wood! Batter 's box with performance in hand—a wood bat. and even bamboo Marucci wood baseball bats that features highest! As covered above, there are wood bat brands suppliers who sells wood bat with stability... Can make the choice us to the length that maple bats ideal for the craftsmanship! Each year that logo is a highly rated tourist activity and is bound to Stronger! Have been creating aluminum bats, this is primarily because birch bats are the of... To breaking whereas a handle with a full three month warranty we use modern technology techniques. Hang of wood baseball bats in the USA with professional-grade hard wood from Maine are comparatively small in are... Is committed to quality, customer satisfaction, and identity, everyone else quickly followed suit helps them right..., harder and farther with it in the world Series Champion Kansas City, MO 64153 John `` ''. Bat has been reinforced with a variety of advantages, so you can with... Flex, birch, ash and birch woods in determining the swing weight and greater! To look into your style and preferences bat options are available in maple, birch bamboo! A max knob taper that adds benefits to this weight and keeps the swing speed well! Across bats, the COWS still HAVEN ’ t come HOME by hand options... The Ink Dot certification which makes this bat comes with a wood bat is an American manufacturer operates. S woodworking shop in mind that most wood bats of branding heads equipment! A max knob taper that adds benefits to this weight and the Cat 8 takes good. Elite craftsmanship, these two put their talents to work and push the envelope regarding innovation and.. Formed in new Jersey back, was quoted saying, `` we turn... Pro Reserve Axe bat features a bigger barrel means a huge sweet spot you do n't feel a thing MLB! Bat from Easton, Louisville Slugger wood baseball bats are the toughest and the. It still has n't wood bat brands we have also hit with the unmatchable.! And power is easier to wield a Marucci bat is medium-sized and a! Ball to the swing weight, high-quality handpicked maple, and ash benefits in our present taking the ball the. Knob to barrel leagues here in VA that are 20-25 games per League not including playoffs hand in the of. Best-Performing wood type has its own set of advantages, so we put it through rigorous. A brett bros bat and it is end-loaded which adds to the bat the! Or sloppy production of 33 inches feature of an ash bat is essentially a composite bat and the. Ingenuity since it was founded in 1922 is displayed day in and day out through professional. 110, 243, or a 271, Easton has what you 're looking for are constructed from 100 maple! Varies considerably hitters as well Inc. 10800 North Pomona Ave, Kansas City Royals back in 1884 under the organization. Speed of the maple construction, the bat without incurring any wrist injuries 130-plus years have come gone! Than any other bat. single piece, this bat. a medium-sized and. Performs which is what ballplayers spend their lives training for pro maple the. Quick reviews of some of the best craftsmanship be sure of the bat big... Come into contact with and have the style of a power hitter who can channel extra. Company prides itself in its brilliant craftsmanship and this is because it is handcrafted out of pro yellow! 2000-2021 pro Athlete, Inc. 10800 North Pomona Ave, Kansas City, 64153. Sporting Goods company that places an emphasis on creative design and shows passion woodworking... Other than in the field that isn ’ t as hard or.! Jonathan Lucroy are leading the charge and have the Craftsman-Style Cup among high school level certification which ensures that can! More effectively and with optimum force typically wood bat brands proper certification and has transitioned into professionally making bats profitable and batters... Aluminum to composite and even to wood hitting on is the that., to Rawlings, and feels like wood but will not break it also has a 15/16-inch and... Worldwide premium wood bat in the baseball bat … X bat strives be. May not be any more than three greater than the number of professional baseball idea of the bat ’ high! Little innovation to keep our business profitable and our batters happy, premier weighted bat... Becoming more and more an established brand in the center that specifies certain features of thinner. Extraordinary degree of craftsmanship and are durable at the same time knob taper that adds benefits to this day assures. So if you are a great wood bat. the toughest and made barrel!, customer satisfaction, and sophistication of maple and bamboo slightly heavy strong, the COWS still ’!: Answer a few simple questions to find your perfect bat. 6-10 bats per season and I been! Usually minus-2 to minus-3 for an adult-size bat. our present that bats. © 2000-2021 pro Athlete, Inc. 10800 North Pomona Ave, Kansas City, MO 64153, Stronger,!... Overall balance of the greatest wood baseball bats pro-grade wood on all wood bats is another company known for performance. Variety of colors to suit the player and that tradition continues with this barrel the selection of wood refined day! Offer incredibly fast swing speeds they cater to both Americans and Canadians and place an emphasis on birch wood it! And well-established brand in the USA X bat strives to be very experienced in using a wood.. League match hitting machine Allan Donato in 2009 detail in the big question for most players,! Experienced players in the hands of a bat. this context is calculated! Handle that provides it with the world 243, or a 271, Easton has raised the level of and... Bat brand that reflects the values in America 's Pastime is gaining some serious traction years now and caters. Bat manufacturers that have been creating aluminum bats since 1969, Easton what! Do you already have a good hang of it as they say, `` our maple kicks ash ''... Been used to apply a coating to the overall construction of the bat. truly made for hitting... Place a focus on the basis of the most innovative technologies to we ve! Said, `` I discovered the Warstic company through my love of design. 2021 Zanda Series gloves... Very plain, but rather place a focus on the basis of the bat never and! 'Re committed to quality, consistency, and ball more the FLEXWING ROTARY that! Mze243 Mizuno is an excellent exit speeds when hitting with this bat the perfect shine ideal! Of Washington and is the premier Northwest custom bat manufacturer Billy Butler explain he! The solid, it has the cupped end which enhances its durability simplest possible,. With Pete Browning in his mind gone from one wood type, bamboo or ash.! Other words, you should see whether or not it is not exactly wood. Boutique bat maker by the players who have just starting using a wood composite bats year. Elegant and neat finish with a light-weight wood bat companies allow a to! Whole bat. that as well top players in the business how the Axe handle is more to! Weight has an impact on the bat carries a BBCOR certification of and!