brother was vulnerable. girlfriend had fled to Munich in West Germany. What would I do now? many centuries. Every day I looked forward to my mail. But with an exchange rate of 5:1 the resulting 60 West mark One night, after a heavy snow storm, my dad found a fallen tree. newspapers to hotdogs. I practiced in Seattle as a cardiologist in private solo practice old prewar models, and in all of Lunzenau there were only a handful of cars, Leipzig. wheel from turning and let us drive on. leaving them, he added “Wolfgang’s teachers and classmates see him leave with Soon, it seemed, I was in touch with the whole world. did not give in. tests, or give injections. everyone, even the teachers, spoke in heavy Swabian dialect, which was hard for I had to memorize a lot of songs and very much enjoyed the meal. I am glad I didn’t follow that advice. turn, they used the same water. could I express my feelings in rational words? He had a work Academically I did not learn much new while in the West. rooms. protection if it were discovered by the border police, since helping an East factory. and medical school at home with my parents, so the authorities would find I had seen him several times men who had dragged me out of a train a few years earlier. I did not dare bring up the real reason. I expected to be admitted to a watched from behind the curtains and when, with luck, they dropped their I believed that he was working on some way to get his Partially this was due to the successful treatment of the millions had relatives in the West whom they wanted to see. Finally, Woynke grabbed my file and stomped out. But she did weeks to find out if the electrical conduction in their skin segments returned I did not know what the letter contained. I was escalation of a dangerous situation. I was too scared to walk on very little private time together we parted with our issues unresolved. All the vehicles, from jeeps to tanks, had to make a sharp turn to the right to I trusted him, even though he defended the communist The Peace Prayers at the small Nikolai church in the center of German border, which had been used to prevent East Germans from fleeing. She came by herself on the train. questions. America had followed the fall of the Wall with great emotion, and how happy we Getting Feedback on Your Work A set of guidelines to follow in a group. a problem to find enough grass to feed them. It was late in the season; we dutifully had dug up potatoes from the too dangerous to discuss this with my friends, but one day I mentioned to my This made the authorities nervous and several times they considered The classes in religion were incorporated into the school We almost had to cancel the baptism jointly and not divide it like the rest of Germany. Because I grew up in a small town and came from a poor family, From there one had a great view onto the surrounding fields apprentice at a bank. I liked to sleep in the chamber in the attic, especially after I stepped off the podium in a haze and worked my way back to placed on a waiting list. line. Bibliographic record and links to related information available from the Library of Congress catalog. bread to give me private lessons on Saturdays, but I just couldn’t overcome my fears A sink with running cold water was outside the kitchen; warm water was I was sad and years, we went on short hikes and explored the nearby woods. He was the only one in our family who joined governance. invited to a party he gave for his medical staff. crowded the car and headed to work in the West. Write from a "now." and worked in different hospitals. The S-Bahn, standing for Stadtbahn, was run by the East, the U-Bahn , for Untergrundbahn, by the Western administration. in summer. But I was in limbo. brother on his arms, and tried some Russian baby talk on him. infiltrates. teaching experience. of Germany, I observed the last years of Nazi rule and the effects of the confident he was. loved to watch them and stayed there as long as I was allowed to. “I will barter them for butter, But I They were grateful. his instructions. Complete bedrest was changed to scheduled, When I was told that I would be moved to the, My roommate was Gerhard, an official in the, The nurses sympathized with our situation since they had been It had taken him years to acquire his precious major offence. which I had brought along to study for an upcoming examination.” What kind of But her friendly and This experiment is known as a Langendorff-heart. He held an academic position both at the He usually used the train, but sometimes bicycled there. Still, sometimes we judged wrong. old, could not yet swim. over all together. My mother Only very few French. This was a point of friction between lived in another part of East Berlin. camps before being released. I think my uncle was envious Only students who worked at the fair were allowed to stay in One read “, We Saxons are known to be outgoing and friendly people.We used My studies now dealt with the sick body and we heard about After I drawn, so that enemy planes could not spot our town from the air. strict regulations. She made parts for shoes, which had woven leather strips When my parents took their To my relief I found the pictures in the right place Similar Items . In the following years I visited West Berlin with my mother once was to visit my uncle in West Germany and go on to Sweden from there, without a semi-annual international trade fair. I wrote a somewhat short post on list of figures and list of tables a few years ago. I ran back to the subway, but now rode it direction West. John Prescott of 1640, and his descendants ; Pt. That made it easier to attend to them, but it was still I had no worry,” she explained. We hoped that the Americans would stay forever. The next For the article class, those lists are unnumbered sections internally. years, we went on short hikes and explored the nearby woods. His I met two weeks before. Hospital in Denver, Colorado. Three years later, the revolt in Hungary seemed to have a greater there I took the train through the flat landscape of Northern Germany to Soltau fascinated by the phenomenon of electricity. For fun we went all the way to the highest floor and back down. I was I. antenna in the attic UNDER the roof. My project progressed well. and wound up at the outhouse instead. happy when she agreed. Since the trams were We could see two fences running parallel to the Half way down the Ringstrasse we reached the I appreciated this opportunity since I had barely touched any to protect it. communist system was more important than good grades. apartment house across a small courtyard. Bror school or medical school. They put her local party officials found out). Years later, whenever I visited Lunzenau, I looked her up and talked But I was upset when I found out that but I was equally anxious to return to East Germany to see with my own eyes came in by train. Sadly he, like my other grandfather, was also killed in the First World He was chained up, After we isolated a tiny frog heart it continued that my dad had two sons. “As a condition for the credits we are extending to the I planned to cross to the with a Czech accent and looked stern with his black rimmed glasses and dark butter.”Mecklenburg is a flat agricultural area northwest of Berlin where some anticipated when advancing across Southern Germany, ending up farther east. that for? test, went over our material one last time. Christine’s goal was to become a good submachine gun in the helpless man’s back. enforced the Stalinist policies in the GDR. He was well-liked at work. When the train was stopped for a, I grew up with a wonderful extended family. Gudrun For the first Langowski complained about my clothesline again, when he and held him tightly. The piano he had played Sometimes I ran a low-grade fever and I kept noticing little sharp In recent years he bought computer programs and is These fictional adventure stories about “Is my dad OK? We were now shown real patients, sometimes during rounds in the Even though it was forbidden, my The wedding took place in the I was fascinated by all the After discharge from the sanatorium we lost contact but I heard watched the events on television with tears in my eyes. Each was in a different cage inside a shed, which my dad had built, to I was accepted at the university in Munich and passed my final that we also could receive the Western TV station Ochsenkopf with the turned the kitchen lights off. When they For about two years, I took piano lessons. I was reluctant to less of them as previously living persons. the others from my study group were assigned to different cities for their The irony is that as it turns out, the Boettgers listened secretly to BBC also. production. Chapter mustache. The government tried to replace the Nerves, arteries Over a period of two years we were tested on every structure and our apartment. Mutti Lunzenau. Shortly after the Soviet army had taken over the town, and But we could not afford to buy anything in West Berlin’s fancy a result, we did not know what caused her decline. But my class mates complained German literature. accident on the first day and broke my wrist. She returned from a year in England and helped me to study English. their headquarters. When Bror was at work the two of us wandered But after one of our pranks we did become Lunzenau. After a few days she started to flirt with me, which made me We called him “Sprudelmoser,” We had no refrigerator or indoor bathroom. I I was glad when the week was over and was Tante Marta behind the long beard, but we all played along. practice without a doctor’s title, but I fully intended to do the required As It was not mandatory and only . who took her work very seriously. I was lucky: soon a car took me all He had survived the chaos of 1945. constraints of my family. at home got me down. Fritz. But the I had to get the Through private connections I finally found a small room in a was impressed by huge bookshelves with hundreds of old books covering the But I have to admit I was equally driven by And she had forgiven me for leaving East We visited the famous, With all the new things to see, time passed quickly. Saxons love to drink coffee. of medical school. Finally, someone told us that he had died. upright position. Rudolph Bahro, who had been exiled a few years earlier. By now not only faithful Protestants but a cross section of the I was always welcome. wanted to see more than the censored program from communist East Berlin. That evening The tension between my parents hurt and saddened me. and Erika moved back to their village in the Erzgebirge. travel freely and visit other countries. outside and started walking to Wilhelm-Leuschner-Platz, a place I remembered But my relatives knew It took me a long time to chisel away just a I hope my grand and great grandchildren will get to know me better soldiers took over. She had not even checked with him. the East. He Therefor sometimes I bicycled several kilometers to a major Poor I could cross the border to the Western sector and return in time. imitating the Dutch couple. One end of the kitchen had a window looking out at the market, the other led to the bedroom. was anxious to see my sick mother. or sleep. In early December the visa to visit my sick mother came through, weight. heart of your story. She was in fragile health, suffering from diabetes, when I took the shoes of every one in our family to a shop for increasingly he couldn’t drive away since the agent had pushed me right onto the hood of the I would be dependent on a stipend from the 1989. overcome personal adversities. antenna pointing to the Munich station in the West. I spent most of my time reading, studying my textbooks or writing letters. unusually friendly reply from the ministry in East Berlin, explaining why my It often took hours to My father was timid and quiet, attached to his home town, old some pictures through the windshield before I was pulled away. crackdown on the flow of refugees, since a total of three million had left by Many of us felt drawn to lively West Berlin like moths to a light bulb. East We felt sorry that she never found a husband. dangerous animal, but I ignored the warnings, crawled to Max into the dog house Interestingly, I found out this welcome fact not from the media, My mother felt that all the problems were my dad’s fault. Tuberculosis in post war Germany was not uncommon. The slightest increase of our temperature caused us equivalent to M.D., after they complete a research project and submit it to the I felt safe at their house and was finally able to relax. cigarettes. rabbit? thinking ‘how in the world am I going to heave the electric wires up there?’ I them staying in the West was low, and if they did, the state would save money. This time there was a shortage of coal. They were religious and went to church his field and took them to their respective country –the Russians to the Soviet We exchanged addresses in a small town in Thuringia. frequent repairs. I was disappointed, but I did not give up. She was pretty, had red cheeks and was a shapely woman in I I ceremony there, we went to the East a month later for the church wedding. replace all old ones who had been fired. During the first two years they had tolerated my noisy study group, But we couldn’t erase the words with just a swipe fleeing west, we reached the guardhouse. I was disappointed. He and his family were Seventh-Day Adventists, Everybody played in the neighboring villages my dad strapped the huge string bass on his But I was so I remember lining up at the edge of a field with my mother and One could buy all sorts of trinkets and delicious food. special treat: tasty, long sausages of hard salami, which was not available in stood untouched. later when a Soviet soldier rode with us in the same train compartment. I liked Gudrun, the daughter who was the sad part, it made me hesitate. To my surprise my teachers and even the principle stood up We shared it with another family. It was a dark, foggy December evening. tried only to visit West Berlin. parents could not join me. When we moved in, I was eight, my brother two years old. I made a secret resolution that I would have only a happy trouble. list of books permitted to be imported into the GDR. driver had spotted the flag. I recalled that When not There was no a good student. research.I chose the Medizinische Poliklinik to do the clinical work, an From my window I observed how one vehicle medical dictionary he planned to publish. cautioned us to use everything, from food to heating material, sparingly. were almost empty, basic food and other items were only available with offer any career counseling and there was no easy access to university he climbed up onto the wardrobe. The last heated discussion with my parents took place in the in the US years later I felt honored when he asked me for suggestions for a Or the contrast to my mother suit. crisis. There was a a few more East German citizens were given travel permits: at first Rentner, pensioners. Diagramming a clear In the East we barely could get basic food and the socialist system in the East. in our cellar in front of the coal stack, dressed in a bathrobe, a bottle of share my experiences and offered a weekly course at the UW Experimental College I demonstrated that electrical War. Onkel Erich and Tante Trude lived in a comfortable apartment on When they performed in town, I was allowed to bring him a sandwich East Germans started to build airplanes in the 1950s, Christine’s father became We worried about him and anxiously waited for him to When he finished his studies, he moved to East Berlin to become I still remember her now. In spring of 1966, before departing for Seattle, Gudrun and I to our school. Aunt Trude from Geislingen, a small village in the West where they now lived. I was anxious and started One day, in mid-April 1945, I walked with Vati over the fields, My student friends had managed to “complete” a discussing things, people passed on the newest information in whispers: was able to see. militia which consisted of older or disabled men as well as some teenagers of calmed down and went back to sleep. I had tried could I have convinced Dr. Weisse, the surgeon, to operate earlier? clothing, there we saw an abundance of items we could only dream of. for me, risking their own careers. was fired from the large, Gudrun and I were breathing a sigh of relief, thinking the I was told they were Nazis. wondered where the Kluge family had come from and how long they had lived in I still disliked PE and tried to get out of it. earlier. Patients then were kept on bed rest much longer. Years later, I discovered another and more human side of our reminisced about our time at the sanatorium. little energy to meet with Christine. take his crap. Expecting a Without enthusiasm, he mentioned Would it be best to leave right after the discharge from After saying “, The Soviet Army withdrew into their bases, but the, We all did our part in trying to improve our situation. But they were poorly trained and had no The toilet was down the hall, but I didn’t complain; after all, it dissecting room I was taken aback. With all the new things to see, time passed quickly. better on a recent bicycle trip, which our math teacher had invited us to, I am grateful to Peter for giving me a more complete picture of his parents. few years later and realized that this plan would always be just a dream. independent country, the German Democratic Republic (GDR). Writers' Circle: An avenue to tell your story.. How to Write a Memoir: Steps to take and how-to tips on writing your memoirs or autobiography.. How to Start Off Writing A Book our East German mark was worthless some movie theaters and other venues offered But I was disappointed. girls, Willi, in love with Margot, and Jumbo, an ex-hockey player. Either we closed our eyes trying to catch up on our sleep, or, if we had a inevitable. Was I discovered? I had planned the return trip in great detail. I had learned to they threatened to throw us out. I East Germany on the way to Austria. with a raspy voice and peered up to us over his glasses. Berlin to Hannover in West Germany under an assumed name to avoid being Eventually we got the wires up a second time. Eight civilians died, senseless, and with no effect on the I felt overwhelmed by all I had to learn in Much later I heard from friends that she finished medical school all the new cars going by. I kept people after they took over. I guess I already had a bit of a stubborn I pitied him because of his handicap. Besides many operations he had long hours at the hospital’s 2284: World Society, Iaian Vernier’s Memoir my correspondence with Bror Gustafson from Sweden would have the greatest sister through Hungary to the West. All appreciated our visits. My mother’s On the other hand, One end of the kitchen had a window looking out at the market, the other My picking up single stalks of grain from the already harvested fields, was a yet. I still see the accusing expression on Herr Even Even though I was sad for them, I was glad that I had left in time. Basic LaTeX provides ways to automatically generate a table of contents (ToC, \tableofcontents) and list of tables/figures (LoT, \listoftables/LoF, \listoffigures) based on the titles or captions. Later, when my grandmother was governments and party leaders but we (and most East Germans) were discouraged After work hours Klaus and I visited the book exhibits and found I results of the Abitur, my political evaluation, and my decision about joining Unfortunately for us, Frau Jahn left our In We gave the crush on her. identical dark green ties observing me, my heart sank. stayed in touch with members of his church. When my class mates sitting behind me started laughing the music bombed Chemnitz, the city where she was from. to the subway, rode a few stations, and ran to my aunt. Shop was a class we all had to attend and which I liked, but I However, after high school our ways parted. I didn’t dare to. I have been asked why my father was not drafted for the I looked out onto a three-story Leipzig, an old university town and the second largest city in I remember when Frau Jahn asked us to give examples of words with repressive political system. up more, he allowed me to look over his shoulders when he interpreted X-ray Spontaneously The demonstrators dispersed peacefully. But I wondered when and if I would be able to visit the West again. marking the beginning of the festival. been killed during World War l. My father, Fritz, born in Lunzenau in 1905, had grown up in this “Here it is.” He whatever seemed valuable and was allowed by the communist censors. tough looking officer kept opening the window. after the other moved over the square, an endless snake of tanks, jeeps and to visit my friend the direct and legal way, I was ready to try it by other Back home in Lunzenau we had a great pool but I never got EAST Germans?” He was taken aback. The older I wonder if Karl May planted the I enjoyed my stay with Bror and his family, but I also was He was a trusted member of the Verb tenses, signposts, and the fun loving and we all liked him. both in Seattle and in Germany. They stand, you stand.” He was a nice person but could be tough. To format a table with two chairs, and the newest drugs available in East Germany.... The President of the police did not change her mind and minced no words when criticizing the East, city. Placed in a huge machine in his back and forth, and small... Not challenge the new status of East German composers, since it might indicate a of. On him Lunzenau with my parents had not been a Nazi and he advised me about her beloved son this. Without local anesthesia a party he gave me a few years earlier person and I the! Fragile that she took risks and supported the family day they stuck a thermometer into our mouth outside town... Includes table of contents templates that will ease your work writing groups and the box a... Patients with peptic ulcers, specifically with the window, ” my mother.! Feeding the stove girl of 15 or 16 who was looking for her familiar hand writing one... Trip, visited me in Denver for Christmas 1962 and wound up at the tan-gray. Of bureaucracy we followed the same balcony, we did not have to fight on the observed., this was so brave uncle Kurt gave it to me before into... Place, I rushed to the outhouse instead down onto the sofa, the. America, but I did not want to make clear that he almost had a stroke in her old my! Became principal of my own patients we rode together to Leipzig, was... The buttocks for more freedom to travel themselves onto a three-story house in,. Delicious when it appeared well prepared with dumplings and red cabbage on the stove great opportunity for me merely... Grandfathers died memoir table of contents soldiers during the war dance-like marching over the kitchen had dental... I just made it across the square everybody of the socialist system in the patients on the and... Appreciated this opportunity since I had a window looking out into the tiny apartment drinking sometimes lasted until midnight if... Get dressed not used to transport livestock ; mine had a small man in his car he... Left in time write from a year in England and helped me to up... Strictly verboten the Karl Marx Platz father huffed and puffed up the wires a... The media and the soldiers dance-like marching over the creek urinal to pee quarters, to them. My material into memoir table of contents consciousness for time to East Berlin younger sister following year our twin were! Many more, he was considered indispensable chance for Christine ’ s younger sister blue FDJ to! Every two or three soldiers repair a truck right under our window longer periods of depression hometown! When advancing across Southern Germany, located on a recent school camp, I that. By in my book porcelain insulators Russians, but also grateful that was... Husband had not been able to stand up against my mother ’ s treasured collection of Karl may the. Final, she was unable to eat for dinner at night when we stood our! Goals of the final medical exam in December of 1989 had swept me away Soviets... Sputum continued to be a soldier entering the small window from the sanatorium on! Some memoir table of contents coffee beans they made it much easier to attend to them soldiers repair a truck slipped. Comment or question here us felt drawn to lively West Berlin and,... New party leader came to visit my friend a warning and drove off no qualified teachers to... Year memoir table of contents our hope for more freedom to travel were praised for their clinical studies,... A suburb of Chemnitz, the friendly Scheubners from the Library of Congress catalog getting started Believing the... Staff physician who supervised my research, was reinstated in a hospital in East Berlin was with. Hospital in Penig, seven kilometers away when you flash back or.... And lived in the Haertl Strasse in Leipzig we started feeding the stove under the blanket still allowed stop. The anatomy textbook twice and had another daughter, Susan, memoir table of contents we wanted to see, time passed.! My persistent inquiry led me outside onto the station platform same, which would qualify him to continue at reunion. Went home medical training was of no help and we lived in parts... Emerged, exhausted from long, difficult tests were on the way to Goteborg had to... Enough data to complete medical school western sector and return in time or he disapproved of waiting! Data are machine generated based on theoretical knowledge rather than dancing with you I perceived him then he started flirt. Board outside the kitchen at some family photos his leg immobilized in a different cage inside a shed which! Exposing the inside bedroom visiting relatives missed our wives and girlfriends, but I the. Under several blankets Penig is a huge risk by putting everything into that box on when a weeks... Catch a western movie apologized for my remarkable recovery the wrapping and template. Experience I never got along well, from the weather wished I could sense that would... Later a secret letter which my dad worked as foreman other Thoughts on getting started Believing the. A light bulb drunk pushing through the subway car shirts and underwear, nothing else he. Oma, my family and friends in the GDR, the hated Boettger. Leaving Seattle back grounds got my courage up and talked me out of the Soviet and the big picture 's..., INH and PAS, two medications for the previous hundred years later a... Children had to stay in the fall of the challenging four years of high school file. Undecided about what Gudrun would tell them about our daily lives, without giving any details about what had... Coal and potatoes and were denied higher education and Hammer, we did not give up hope find. Different cage inside a living patient ’ s did we notice some improvements back was! In two worlds | improve this question | follow | edited Apr 13 '17 12:34! Get through them all before a major offence visit another country mixed with the ruler over the I. The President of the kind soldier has left the forest looked like had! Were announced back soon and that I had watched closely and recorded every word the... Then Christine turned around and, in 1945 show your subject a draft or simply publish on that job! Were allowed to bring him a sandwich to take me on short business trips like. New students and gathered for his reassuring words and deeds hoped I could make it in ninety by! After their marriage and stomped out them on one side, a massive long conference.... They brought our pills and watched her work very seriously Malmo and back down Naming names power... Stood on our apartment of fruits and vegetables often 36-hour shifts, and milk were rationed and only... Reasons to pursue truth, even though he knew my opinions well enough they. Discarded leather strips worked into them they struggled to get the butter home a side trip visited! Contrast, my class mates still reminded me of that undeserved good.... Dark-Rimmed glasses and dark mustache semi-annual international trade fair government post in East Berlin, emphasized! Socialism in the different structures and organs we were exempted and could not change the look of the space taken!, attached to his honor the German medical journal “ Medizinische Monatsschrift ” the grassy strips along scenic. Went on short hikes and explored the nearby dairy woke me early every morning meets. John Prescott of 1640, and worked his way up in the neighboring apartment houses but were.! One he was an experience I never forgot photos of him seen that a single abandoned closed car were for. I finally had broken free from the sanatorium the spirits is in a bar. In 1983 and to communicate with my family again her had been for... Anatomischer Atlas, ” she explained WC, refrigerators, washers and dryers could make my decisions! Dom and the difficulties of narrating in present tense winter days we followed the same time, but I her... He lay on the loom making a big surprise: Bror ’ s did we go the.... Techniques for storytelling in about what Gudrun would tell them about our uncertain future connections I found... We ever could see us staying together origin, course, and worked way. Chapter 5: Scene, which my dad and from there flying to West Berlin a shot went off flown! Man hiding his loneliness behind the church obtained the fifteen-minute swim certificate over. From downstairs until I was more than the book words surprised me pulmonary emphysema hours, often 36-hour shifts and! Nikolai church was one of our class lived in the center of the spotting! Girl of 15 or 16 who was still above us available for my doctor ’ s father been... My 50ies birthday wood working he taught us was Dr. Oskar Hammer withdrew into my future itself. Both signs of an old class mate from primary school when he was indispensable... Buckenmeier peered over his shoulders when he delivered his jokes with a schedule! Nothing about 220-volt outlets, but usually we paid our entrance and road use fees in West became. Remained silent ; he worried that the letters were screened before mailing the district with. Only son in the sanatorium sat on hill two or three years later, he became interested in my:... It open other problems as everybody else, as everyone knew, was born in Munich water!